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when the conference organizer defends not having more diversity on the panel



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Anonymous said: How is it that the English title for TFiOS is beautiful and poetic, while the Norwegian title is just "F*ck Fate"? The Norwegian cover is nice, though.


I love that title.

I love that in Norway you can call a YOUNG ADULT NOVEL Fuck Fate.

Screw Shakespeare; I would’ve called the novel Fuck Fate in a second if I thought I could’ve gotten away with it.

btw, in Norway, the movie is ALSO CALLED FUCK FATE.

Let us pause now and praise the glorious nation of Norway.

I have a 6 person room all to myself for the time being.


I literally do not understand. The Aussie girls were my age or maybe a year or two older. One dropped out of law school because she thought it would be too hard and her and two other girls are going around Europe for 6 months. The other girls quit their jobs and went to Europe for 3 months. How are they affording this?? Especially since they have no itinerary, no plans, and the Australian to Euro exchange rate is even worse than US dollar to Euro.

I played mini tour guide with them yesterday but then I gave up because they don’t even know who Hephaestus is so why am I even going to attempt to explain the significance of the Areopagus. I mean. I haven’t even hit the Acropolis yet, I’ve been working my way around the north slope and east slope. 

"I mean, the Parthenon was okay. But I thought there would be more to see than columns." - California bro.

Not that any of them bothered to go to the new Acropolis museum.

Athens, near Monastiraki

This is my complain-y unofficial post

So my Honors advisor can’t read this.

The people who are in my room have now turned into 4 boys - I booked an all girls room. They’re good guys so it’s okay but I feel like that would be a huge problem for other girls who are traveling alone.

Also, huge group of Australian and New Zealand girls here. They’ve turned the boys into big puddles of useless. They’ve all agreed` that there’s “not much to see in Athens,” and they’re all leaving for Mykonos tomorrow. They’re not bad people but the lack of appreciation is just making me realize what it’s like to leave the academia bubble. To hear Athens labelled as a place where there’s “nothing to see.”

TL;DR People at the hostel just want to be shitfaced. Especially Aussies and Kiwis.

The struggle continues

Bathroom at the Acropolis Museum. Where the hell is the handle or button or sensor or pulley or whatever thing you’ve invented to flush a toilet? Seriously this problem is getting ridiculous.

It’s like you’re tapping walls and counters looking for secret passageways instead of just trying to flush a toilet.

Right by the Monastiraki metro stop, Athens, Greece